NOVEMBER 10, 2020

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Election & Suicide

Election & Suicide

Last week was a whirlwind of a week to say the least. Forget I even wrote that. 2020 has been unlike any year many of us have ever seen in a lifetime. 

When it seems like things can’t change anymore, our country adds a historic election to the mix. This was probably one of the most polarizing elections I have ever witnessed..emotions so high on both sides. 

Whether you voted based off of your views on the economy, race and equality, the global pandemic, we all seemed to hold strong to our belief in who we felt would be the best leader to prayerfully start a better 2021. 

People are passionate, pissed off, happy, or just simply checked out of it all. Votes were cast. Votes were counted. We were drawn into days of waiting to see who won

And in all of this a child in our community took his life. A young kid. Which in all honesty I have thought of since I heard the news. And then all of the pettiness just doesn’t seem to matter that much. 

Because one (many) of our babies are hurting. And for some reason we as a community can’t see their pain. And don’t talk about it. Maybe we do a walk, set off some balloons and say a prayer, but we aren’t having the hard talks about what is happening to our youth.

As I thought and prayed for this boy’s family, I thought to myself, “How can I be a part of the change? How can I facilitate change? Hope? Contribute to impact in a positive way and not join in the negative chatter that just doesn’t have any impact?”

I thought about an amazing woman Carole in our video community who, just a couple short months ago, was afraid to get in front of her camera. And then she just did! Damn, did it perfectly imperfect. 

A few weeks later a friend asked her to make a video for some teens about finding the purpose in their life. When I watched Carole so passionately talk to them about their value and worth, I started to cry. 

Her words, her essence, her passion to make sure they knew they had value touched my soul….and I know it touched at least one of the young teens who watched it. 

Nobody cared about her lighting, or her camera, or her sound on her video. Her WORDS and heart were and are the only thing that mattered. 

So, what’s stopping YOU? What’s stopping you from getting out and impacting someone’s life with your work? With your words? With your videos? With the passion you have for what you’re doing? 

We are blessed with today to BE the change that we ALL (no matter who you voted for) want to BE. 


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