NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Video & Marketing with Alison Teare

5 Ways to getting started with video marketing 

Video & Marketing with  Alison Teare

Does the sound of video and marketing feel completely overwhelming to you?

Using video to market your products, coaching, or services is a vital part of your business and can often feel incredibly daunting.Both Alison and I understand this overwhelm so we talk about the basics of video and marketing in this episode. 

Aside from Alison's lovely personalty and heart for people, she has a gift of making marketing approachable, doable, and successful.

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • How to open up in front of the camera
  • Pre-shoot and Post-shoot days and why they’re an essential part of the process
  • 3 ways to make a shoot run smoothly
  • What looks good on camera (hint, it isn’t just about your clothes and hair!)
  • How to talk to the camera with confidence and conviction
  • 4 steps to creating connection with your audience

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